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The tt* Art Project

Call to Artists – more info coming soon…

A Call to Visual Artists, Motion Graphics Artists, Film Makers, Photagraphers, Animators, Editors, & General Freaks

We’re trying to mount a massive collaboration project to create visual interpretations for each song on the new album i belong to me. Keeping with our family style way of doing things, we’re reaching out world-wide to any interested artists who might be interested in on a cool collaborative project.  We know many of you do what you do for a living and won’t have time or interest for such a thing.  But what’s the harm in putting it out there?!

If you are interested – here’s how it works:

• We’ll send you a zip file of our album.

• Pick a song or songs you like

• Visually interpret the whole song, or 30 seconds, or 1 second of the song(s) in whatever way you want.  Or go back and forth wth us.  Whether it’s a full on video, some found footage, motion graphics, photographs, illustrations, animation, photos or scans of paintings or sketches- anything at all. If you’re a painter or illustrator – maybe we can send your images to a motions graphics person who can animate them?  If you’re a camera person with great footage – we can hook your footage up with an editor.  Family Style – except it’s family you’ve never met – the best kind!  COLLABORATION!

• Send us your final product.  If it’s a complete piece already edited to the music- cool!  If not, we’ll take what you give us and edit it with other artists interpretations.

• We’ll then post the video for each song on our YouTube channel and website.  We’ll have a page here with your name, website and whatever contact info you want.  And hopefully we’ll use some visuals as part of a Projection Project that will be used during a special art filled concert coming in 2010.

(We’re also looking for any artists local to the Columbia SC area to collaborate on this show – painters, photographers, sculptors, dancers, trapeze artists, fire eaters, performance artists, stilt walkers, snake charmers, tongue speakers, riggers, lighting designers, lighting controllers, scenics, media geeks, and general weirdos all welcome!)


What will my work be used for: We’ll post it all on our YouTube channel and Website and possibly use it in the live Projection Project.  You retain all ownership of your work.  We will not sell it to make money.  We’ll list you in credits.  We’re a nonprofit band.  We care about the project, not profit.

What do I get out of it? Dunno.  It just seems cool to have a massive collaboration like this.  Maybe you’ll meet a new friend.  Maybe a painting in Birmingham, Alabama will get manipulated by a graphics dude in Buenos Aires.

We’ll send you an album.  And for sure- we’ll post a your name and a link to your website on a page here somewhere.  Free tickets to the show and an after party of epic proportions if you’re near Columbia SC?  A DVD of the show if we can get it filmed.  Full credit in the show ‘playbill’ that will list your name and contact info.  That’s about all we’ve got.  Mostly – if you like the music, think it would be fun and interesting, then this is for you.

And by the same token – if you have a project that needs music – all you gotsta do is ask.

What do you want me to do? Whatever you want.  Just emailus and lets talk!

So – let us know!