Treadmill Trackstar

Quietly making loud music



“…Treadmill Trackstar made a fine comeback (they got their start in the ‘90s) last year with i belong to me. The band returns this year with Leaving Ohio, a darkly-gorgeous Americana-tinged collection…”    ~Mountain Xpress

“…weight and stark, scarred beauty. But where many a heartbreak opus is flawed by its own self-importance and cliched broken heart, Gianni’s lyrics and accompanying melodies manage to transcend mere angst to something far grander.weight and stark, scarred beauty. But where many a heartbreak opus is flawed by its own self-importance and cliched broken heart, Gianni’s lyrics and accompanying melodies manage to transcend mere angst to something far grander…”        ~Mountain Xpress

“If I Belong To Me was a focused return to rock ‘n’ roll form, then this latest effort is the more thoughtful morning after….noticeably more mellow but no less densely arranged…filled with violin, castanets, acoustic guitars, and the group’s signature cello.”        ~Full Article at Music That Matters

BOBBIE GENTRY’S NEW ALBUM, BY TREADMILL TRACKSTAR:  “Gianni and Treadmill Trackstar have quite a history, but out of all the releases and nearly 20 years of evolution, I think this collection of songs it the best, stripped down showcase yet…” ~Beer & Records

“Treadmill Trackstar’s music has always been on the edge of being considered acoustic or electric based, always mixing the two.  While their last album focused mainly on the electric side, this album features mostly acoustic instruments and is much more subdued….”     ~ Scene SC

“…the interplay between Angelo Gianni’s guitar and Heidi Carey’s cello produces chills of pleasure…”  ~ Trib Today

“Treadmill Trackstar proves that, sometimes, the comeback is better than the first time out of the gate… tracks range from moody and pensive (“Bus Went By”) to cinematic and dancey (“Call to Prayer”), but all are equally masterful and excellently produced.” ~ Mountain Xpress       ORIGINAL ARTICLE

“…this is not just an album, it is the piece of art that the band desired for it to be. I’d be willing to wait another ten years for the next album if it is going to be this good…”  ~ SceneSC      ORIGINAL ARTICLE

“…they’ve clearly put a lot of love into it and it actually makes the music feel better. Describing the music is a touch tricky since it enjoys a wide range, but the term that keeps sticking in my mind is “slightly moodier Foo Fighters with a dash of Smashing Pumpkins.” …and a cello.”   ~The City that Breeds      ORIGINAL ARTICLE

…a decade hiatus from recording together seems to have only enhanced their maturity and abilities as professional musicians, while still maintaining the edge and original sound…” ~ Indie Rock Cafe    ORIGINAL ARTICLE

“…The raspy growl of the lead singer fills a sort of angst that’s been missing from the music scene and the cello lends a feeling of calm and serene. With the two mixing in the songs it feels like a constant tug between angst and flow…”   ~Blog Baltimore   ORIGINAL ARTICLE

“If you’re in the mood for some unique music that will match your moody inner anarchist, I’d go and pick this up for some contemplative daydreaming.”  ~Altoona Mirror     ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Excerpt:  “…this album paints a mood and tells a story…”   ~Belch Speak    ORIGINAL ARTICLE

“…clever, left-of-center pop songwriting; deft musicianship… and meticulous production….I Belong To Me sounds less like a follow-up to Only This than the result of an almost entirely revitalized band…” ~Columbia Free Times   ORIGINAL ARTICLE

“…Gianni takes that psychedelic post-grunge and paints broad sonic strokes that sound at times Beatlesque (“Euphoric”) and even Tom Petty-esque (“Check My Reaction”), but mostly unique….” ~ Music that Matters ORIGINAL ARTICLE

“So is the 2009-model Treadmill Trackstar looking for stardom? Not really…” ~ ORIGINAL BLURB


“Treadmill Trackstar’s is one of those groups you can’t help but root for. Eclectic and distinctive…  so forget watching American Idol, this is the real deal…” ~MOB  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Treadmill Trackstar is a group from Columbia, South Carlonia. Interesting story. They were a full-time major label band until they quit ten years ago to get married, have kids and get jobs. They’ve decided to start up again. Everything is being funded by fans. Heidi, the cello player, told me they like to call themselves a non-profit band. A lot of groups can relate.

They sound like a mix of The Smashing Pumpkins and Wilco. Their new album is “I Belong To Me”. The title track is the place to start.