Treadmill Trackstar

Quietly making loud music

Team Treadmill


Kenny McWiliams
Owner of Archer Avenue Studio and Engineer/Production/Mixing on i belong to me

“When Tony and Angelo first approached me about recording the Treadmill record, the thing that most intrigued me was that here was a talented group of musicians that truly wanted to make a great record just for the artistic fulfillment of making a great record.  No agenda, no naive ambition.  Just excitement about making music together again, and creating a album that satisfied them!  I often felt like I was along for the ride.  Just giving subtle direction to their vision.  This project from start to finish was about giving these 16 songs a voice that was fresh and yet timeless.  A voice that would serve to redeem the past for these four artists.  I can confidently say that we accomplished our goal and that I gained four close friends while doing it.”

Over the last six years Kenny Mcwilliams has helped a diverse group of bands and solo artists across the Southeast produce records that highlight their strengths and individualities as musicians. What began as an interest in production and sound engineering has now turned into a professionally outfitted studio that is proud to host some of the most talented artists in the region. Kenny strives to retain the artistic integrity of each of his clients while also experimenting with new approaches and techniques to the recording process. He is a multi-instrumentalist and enjoys collaborating with each artist on musical concepts, offering a wide-range of production options, and taking the time to find out what kind of recording process will best suit the project at hand.

Dre Lopez
Artist & Graphics

Dre is a seriously talented bad ass who we didn’t deserve to work with.  He took our complete nonsensical ramblings about what we wanted, added his warped vision and turned it into exactly what we meant. You can see his other work at:

Dave Harris
Owner & Chief Engineer of Studio B Mastering.  Mastered i belong to me.

Dave Harris has mastered thousands of projects in all genres of music.  We hope he has his insane ears insured for millions.

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