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Time Keeps on Slipping

February 10th, 2012

Well – this whole drum thing really threw the timeline off.  But I should have tracks from Stephen and Beaver this week or next.  Troy had a slew of personal crap come up – and I told him not to worry about it for now.  Hopefully he’ll be able to throw a track or two together – but we’ll see.

I keep forgetting to send the up to date demos to Mike and Heidi – but I’m going to do that today.  Maybe I’ll post a couple here too.

It’ll Be Just Like Starting Over

January 30th, 2012

Right.  So – I sent emails to Troy (Iron and Wine, Brandy Carlisle, Lay Quiet Awhile, The Tantrums) and he’s down with donating some drum tracks.  Also Stephen from Fire Tonight is down.  And also Beaver Bausch who is this freaking incredible drummer I played with back in high school a million years ago – who now plays in a sort of cuban fusion jazz thing in NYC and teaches music at queens college.  Anyway, all these guys are super-good.  And Stephen and Beaver have recording capabilities- which is a huge bonus.  So we’ll see how it goes…  I’m pretty psyched that they’re willing.

The bummer is that even though Treadmill had a bunch of drummers before Tony – he was the real one.  It’s kind of sucky to mess it up, but what can ya do?  At first I thought he just needed a break on this project – but I’m getting the feeling now that he won’t be playing with Treadmill ever again.  Not sure.  But – I think that Treadmill playing live is a thing of the past anyway.  Playing live is pretty fun – but making records is more fun.

Tony Bails – Merry Xmas

December 24th, 2011

Good lord.  Well – this I think marks the ending of the dramatic Tony/Angelo sub plot in the Snow White Snow epic story.  After some more email back and forth – which I am saving forever.  (I actually told Tony a few weeks ago that I’d gotten a publishing deal on them.) I’ll most likely copy and paste them all here at some point down the road.  Anyway – the bottom line is that he called last night to say he “can’t work with me anymore.”  Let’s chalk it up to administrative differences.

So – that’s bummer.  I feel like I could probably talk him out of it – just like with the last record.  But I’m not going to try this time.  Already wasted too much time.

Totally Dead Line

December 22nd, 2011

Well – this is collapsing into a pile of stupid.  Another deadline come and gone.  And while I still think our email banter is pretty funny – I’m honestly just pissed.

More quotes from grandpa:

“The sow arriving late to the slaughter gets the dull knife…”

“The thing that comes last is not always dessert…”

“An ant stuck in an hourglass is going nowhere fast…”

Tony says that he was never good at self paced courses.  But I’m sure that the TLG goals are met in an appropriate fashion.  I get that Treadmill isn’t a priority for anyone involved, but if it’s not a priority – just say so and don’t commit to things you can’t deliver on. No one really cares.

I think this all stems from a near fist fight in, hmmm – Gainsville Florida?  Somewhere down there.  Anyway – we’d been on the road for like a month or two or something – you know – the usual for back then  And we were loading into to some crappy venue.  And the stage was pretty small – and I asked tony if he could back his kit up a bit and give me a little room.  He completely snapped and went off the deep end.  It had nothing to do with me asking him to move his kit back, of course.  It had to do with being in a tiny enclosed space every single day and night (just about) with someone for however many years…  It can drive you mad.  And anyway – whatever that was – it still is and always will be.  We have a fucked up relationship to say the least.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.


December 8th, 2011

This is taking too long.  It’s not fair really – I mean – I spent about 4 months on the songs.  But – now that they’re there – I’m impatient to get Tony squared away and in the studio.  Drum demos came for Dying in Style and Empty Pockets.  Looking forward to checking them out.

And speaking of drums, my 8 year old daughter Malena has been asking about a drum set.  I used to play drums kind of seriously (I had a set at least) long ago – and I feel like she might be giving me an excuse to get back into it a little.  The problem is that the drums I would want to get are hard to find.  I want like a Rogers, or Fibes, or Leedy or an old Ludwig kit.  I want a black beauty snare.  I saw a vintage black beauty for $3500 on ebay.  Good lord.  It’s either that – or I want an eKit.  Totally not as cool – but way more practical for the noise considerations.  Especially taking into account an 8 year old may be playing them too.  Plus – an ekit into pro tools and BFD drums – which is what I use on the demos – and I could pick any of the above kits from my computer.  Again – nowhere near as cool – but – for what I’d be using them for (demos) – it would be kind of the thing.  But – these kits are super-freaking-expensive too.  Putting it off.  But obsessively adding items to my ebay watch list.  This is the same phenomenon that happened before I got the Dark Fire.